Tuscan Finish

This colour matches travertine perfectly and it’s neutral tones make it perfect for almost any design scheme.

Maintenance for Tuscan Finish

  • Oil and grease, use spray on degreaser and hose off.
  • Gum tree sap stains or leaf stain, use firstly a good bleach, if this does not work then use oxalic acid as per manufacturers dilution instructions.
  • Scuffs from shoes etc, rub with wet and dry sandpaper.
  • Red wine, coffee and tea stains, use bleach, soak and hose off.
  • High pressure hosing will not affect the colour or finish of tuscan, so is suitable to use for mould or moss removal.

All products are made from lightweight GRC (Glass fibres with Reconstituted Stone and Cement) making them strong, durable and weather proof… perfect for use indoors and outdoors.