About Warren Naylor Design

I have been involved in interior design, furniture manufacturing and retail stores for the past 38 years, having originally started as International buyer and in-house designer for Design Warehouse.

I initially started designing collections for my own commercial and domestic projects.

As a designer and a manufacturer, I wanted to produce a product that was both classic in design and durable.

After my time at Design Warehouse, one of the owners and I started The Design Establishment and Yardware. We first produced GRC products from our warehouse in Alexandria in Sydney.

In 2001 I sold my interest to my partner and his family and moved my production to Manila, in the Philippines. There, with new partners in a factory employing over 160 employees, we are supplying to the high end European, US and Middle East markets.

My job is to design and interpret new styles of furniture whet the appetites of International buyers. Architects and Interior Designers.

I am acutely aware of the need for timeless pieces that are able to be used in outdoor and indoor situations. Today’s client, wants time-honoured, beautiful, durable pieces to enhance their gardens, decks, verandahs and courtyards.

WN Design provides this with their outstanding new collection.

Warren Naylor

The Masai Collection

Beautiful timber BAMILEKE Stools come from South Africa.

Whilst using them in my design jobs,my I realised that by being timber I would always encounter problems with splitting and rotting. The original stools are all hand carved, and offer no uniformity – which I like – but have found that Australian clients prefer their pieces to be the same.

The Masai collection is derived from taking moulds of original hand carved pieces, then producing the item in GRC, with the end product, durable and consistent is shade and size.

The Chinois Collection

Years ago, I used to source rain drums from Thailand, Burma and Indonesia. These were originally cast in BRONZE and were always expensive – but hugely popular. Unfortunately, only a few could afford them,

This collection was assembled by sending original Bronze rain drums to our moulding department in the Philippines where our craftsmen interpreted the design from Bronze beautifully in to GRC.

The items are still long life like the Bronze originals, but now in long lasting durable GRC in a range of different finishes.

The Renaissance  Collection

Extraordinary Urns copied from the classics of France, Italy and England circa 1745-1890 make up the Renaissance Collection.

These Urns are in one size only and are uniquely hand-finished to replicate the originals.

This collection will add a timeless appeal to any garden or interior.

The Jardin Collection

This unique collection has been selected from original pieces I have collected over the years in my global travels.

Although the range is in its infancy, every model has exceptional proportion and individuality.

All products are made from lightweight GRC (Glass fibres with Reconstituted Stone and Cement) making them strong, durable and weather proof… perfect for use indoors and outdoors.